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How to choose food grade oil correctly

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To ensure food safety, many food manufacturers have begun to implement or plan to implement the system of HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point), which requires, in the process of food processing to the corresponding equipment, such as tank, pump, mixer, hydraulic system, chain drive and transmission devices, such as food grade lubricants, using standard level H1 to reduce the risk of pollution caused by the use of food grade lubricant.

There are still some misunderstandings about the use of food-grade lubricants in the food industry.The effect of protective equipment is not as good as non-food lubricating oil;Using food-grade lubricants increases operating costs.Non-food grade lubricants should only be used in severe cases.All food grade lubricants have the same effect and quality.These misconceptions have led many food producers to fear that equipment will not be protected or that operating costs will be increased, and to ignore HACCP's sensible recommendations.However, in the long run, ignoring reasonable recommendations from HACCP will lead to higher costs.The selection methods and key standards of food grade lubricating oil will be introduced according to the main application process.

Food grade hydraulic oil

The selection of food grade hydraulic oil should consider the following three aspects: first, the anti-oxidation and thermal stability of hydraulic oil.The antioxidation and thermal decomposition of hydraulic oil can make the hydraulic system free from the influence of mud and paint film, so as to guarantee the smooth and reliable operation of hydraulic valve and driving device.In addition, it can also increase the service life of hydraulic oil, in the harsh operating environment, reduce downtime.Wear protection.The hydraulic oil shall protect the metal pump body from scratch and reduce the total maintenance cost by extending the service life of the hydraulic system.The third is to prevent foam and bubble generation.The hydraulic oil should prevent overflow in the hydraulic system, eliminate internal voids and reduce the damage caused by gas corrosion.

Food grade compressor oil

When choosing food grade compressor oil, remember the following four important criteria: first, the antioxidant property and thermal stability of the compressor oil.For food grade compressor oil, its oxidation resistance and heat resistance can not only prevent the formation of oil thickening, deposition and sludge, but also extend the service life of the compressor oil, thus saving the high cost caused by replacement, shutdown and oil cleaning.Wear protection.It can extend the time interval of two overhaul and reduce the cost of comprehensive maintenance.The third is low volatility.This feature can reduce the amount of oil and gas carried, reduce the generation of oil sludge in air-oil separator, storage tanks and pipelines, and finally reduce the cost of comprehensive maintenance.Fourth, rust prevention and corrosion resistance.High performance food grade compressor oil can extend the service life of the compressor, reduce the downtime, saving possible maintenance costs.

Food grade gear oil

The selection of food grade gear oil should consider the following four points: first, gear load capacity and wear protection.High load capacity prevents gear assembly, wear and spalling, even under impact load.The second is the service life of lubricant - oxidation resistance and thermal stability.This property can protect the gear box from the influence of mud and paint film for a longer service life of lubricating oil, and even play a role in lubrication under high temperature, high humidity and acidic conditions.The third is to prevent foam and bubble generation.This feature can prevent overflow and damage to the gears caused by insufficient lubrication film formed by air bubbles in the system.Fourth, prevent pollution.In addition, gear oil should be able to separate quickly from water.

Food grade grease

When choosing food grade grease, attention should be paid to the following four aspects: first, prevent the occurrence of lubrication failure in the harsh operating environment.In case of contamination by food acids, juice and by-products, food-grade grease should also maintain the corresponding viscosity and lubricating properties.The other is to function over a wide range of temperatures.Good pumping capacity should be maintained at both high and low temperatures.Third, good bearing capacity and wear protection.Adhesion, wear and spalling should be prevented under high loads.Fourth, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, bearing, gear and related equipment in the humid environment from damage.

When choosing food grade lubricating oil, in addition to the above factors, the company should also cooperate with the lubricating oil supplier. Through understanding of user operation, the lubricating oil supplier can help them find suitable solutions to reduce the overall operating cost.