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We are more concerned about changes in the intelligent machinery industry

2018-10-29 10:42:48 hits:

With the introduction of German industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing has become the main direction of manufacturing technology development.Made in China 2025 and the industrial Internet in the United States have clarified the core status of intelligent manufacturing from the national strategic perspective, and the technology exchange and standard integration between each other have been deepened constantly.Especially the transformation of our country from a big manufacturing manufacturing powerhouse is more urgent, we will focus on development of intelligent equipment and intelligent products, promote the intelligent of the production process, becomes the key to realize the goal of made in China, 2025, the top ten key areas including high-grade CNC machine tool and robot, so the lubricating fluid technology in intelligent manufacturing become an important topic of the priority.Kotelong fluid technology in the intelligent machinery micro-lubrication innovation and technological changes to truly serve the intelligent industry set up a new vision of integration