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The company is actively conducting the TUV certification audit

2018-10-29 11:07:53 hits:

Recently, Mr. Wu of Germany rhineland company visited Kotler to conduct the certification review of TUV and CQC, and vice President of Kotler liu shengli received him warmly.

This factory inspection is mainly to ensure that Kotler TUV and CQC certified products meet the consistency requirements of certified products in mass production.Each audit teacher has conducted comprehensive and detailed audit and inspection of Kotler IQC, finished products warehouse, laboratory, workshop and other areas, and discussed with general manager liu.At the end of the audit, Mr. Wu and others gave full affirmation to Kotler in terms of production, manufacturing and management system, and put forward valuable opinions and Suggestions on some potential risks, and finally Kotler passed the TUV and CQC product certification audit with high quality.


The company attaches great importance to the supervision and audit work this time. It has carried out the internal audit work strictly in accordance with the audit list, conducted self-inspection over and over again on each document and workshop site, and made full preparation for the supervision and audit.

During the audit process, the auditor made detailed inspection of the company's workshop site, technical documents, quality documents, personnel qualifications and other aspects. After the audit, the auditor made positive comments on personnel qualifications, safety education, file records, on-site equipment and other aspects.Liu shengli, deputy general manager of the company, said at the meeting that the company will continue to improve the management level of the system and constantly improve itself.